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ASAST guarantees constant personnel training in all aspects: technical, professional, relational and human.
The objectives of the training projects are:

  • form a professional figure capable of performing the function of Qualified employee for sanitization and civil, industrial and sanitary cleaning services;
  • contribute to the adaptation of production processes for small and medium companies of cleaning services according to new market requirements;
  • create a guided training itinerary and offer training courses on Management, Organization, Marketing, Innovation and Internationalization;
  • facilitate women’s access to work;
  • realize a training project in line with sector production tendencies of territory development;
  • facilitate and promote the development of the protagonist company in the project, improving the professionalism of its workers;
  • professionally update human resources operating in the management system, in order to favor the growth of strategy, management and organizational competences;
  • supply personalized consultancy for the opening to new markets and for internationalizing processes;
  • offer support and follow-up to the entrepreneur women involved in the mentor companies’ activities.

ASAST promotes various training projects: Project Magnolia 1, Project Magnolia 2, Project Magnolia 3, MIMO.

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