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ASAST - Cooperative Society

ASAST is a cooperative society born in 1981 to offer territorial services in the sector of social services, civil and industrial cleaning and supply of auxiliary services for companies. The company is structured in two divisions:

MAGNOLIA operates in the sector of cleaning and environmental sanitization

PLURIS operates in the sector of transports and rentals

ASAST’s heritage is its company culture, as it makes it possible to be competitive in any new work project. Thorough research on product scientific evolution, new technologies, personnel specialized training, management of integrated and diversified services, together with the know-how developed in years of experience with both civil and industrial users, the solutions we offer are constantly in line with clients’ needs and current norms.

The society operates according to Quality standards, fully respecting human values and environmental, cultural and architectural assets through a process-oriented organization, according to Vision 2000. Attention is focused on the needs and requirements of all subjects involved in the different processes: public administration, companies, citizens and human resources.

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