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Indietro PROJECT MAGNOLIA 1 - Operator of sanitization and civil, industrial and sanitary cleaning services

Year: 2003

Project description

Aims of the training project


The “Operator of sanitization and civil, industrial and sanitary cleaning services” acquires new competences in the sector of cleaning and hygiene through an integrated training itinerary. The general objective is to contribute to the adaptation of production processes for small and medium companies of cleaning services according to new market requirements, such as physical characteristics of surface materials, chemical characteristics of new cleaning products; main notions of hospital hygiene; fundamental safety norms; company and group communication techniques and the main waste recycling techniques and methodologies. Regular attendance and a successful final test result in the issuing of a certificate of professional qualification legally acknowledged according to Law 845/78, other than in the hiring of at least 70% of qualified students by ASAST Soc. Coop. a R.L. according to the standard national contract for Level I Cleaning Services, with an Auxiliary Qualification of Cleaning Operator.

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