Cooperative Society for Territory Service
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ASAST proposes personalized solutions in order to offer integrated management of all services, and makes use of specialized technicians and consultants to solve both technical and organizational problems, jointly with the client as well, while offering competitive prices and always respecting work contract norms.

The ASAST cooperative society provides its clients with a wide range of services – an important resource for public organs, companies and private subjects. Efficiency and quality in the cleaning and sanitization services, other than in the sector of rentals and transport, are guaranteed by the certified professionalism of
the more than 50 operative members of ASAST.

  1. Civil, industrial and sanitary cleaning
  2. Handling of goods and stores, porterage services
  3. Car rental with driver
  4. Low-capacity goods transport
  5. Administration of refectories, catering
  6. Social assistance and educational services
  7. Auxiliary services for groups and companies
  8. Small publishing and publicity distribution systems

SAST operates through its two sections: Magnolia e Pluris.

ASAST Soc. Coop. arl - Via Tuderte 5/a 06055 Marsciano (PG) - Tel 0758742622 Fax 0758748895 - - P.IVA 01215270545
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