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Knowledge and experience allow ASAST to offer its clients highly technologic Cleaning and Sanitization Services. The company’s technical service is specialized in the study of hygiene maintenance protocols at both routine and extraordinary levels by using machines, equipment and chemicals of leading national and European suppliers.
Services programming and performance is defined with the client in order to meet any specific need and requirement.

ASAST uses machines to solve everyday cleaning problems in different conditions of use and on any kind of surface. Our wide range of machines is capable of completing all phases of professional cleaning.

Washing and drying machine for the maintenance and deep cleaning of small, medium and large surfaces, from the cleaning of areas requiring high cleaning and sanitization standards (hospitals, health centers etc), commercial buildings (malls, shops, restaurants, hotels etc), industries (food companies, mechanic industries etc), State-run organization buildings (schools, airports, religious buildings, offices, logistic centers etc).
Powerful and manageable sweepers that never raise dust and guarantee very satisfactory results, for indoors and outdoors cleaning. There are sweepers used with an outside person, for small areas, or sturdy sweepers without the need of a person to sweep near the machine, running on batteries, gasoline or diesel, for State-run organizations, public areas and industries.
Manageable, versatile, powerful and silent vacuum cleaners, equipped with a wide range of accessories, running with one or two engines, these are the ideal instruments to vacuum and sanitize all areas.
Reliable and versatile monobrushes for floor deep cleaning and polishing, equipped with accessories for every specific problem. Belt transmission, nylon and steel gears, low, medium and high speed, with variable weights and different engine powers.


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