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ASAST offers complete professional cleaning service, and thanks to the experience developed over time and to the continuous search for national and international suppliers and collaborators it is capable of juggling with its different sectors and various kinds of products and detergents, providing the client with the best solution based one every single requirement.

Products for room and surfaces:
Waxes and emulsions
Detergents and scouring agents for floors
Wax removers
Concentrated products
Disinfectants and sanitization products
Maintenance detergents
Specific detergents for glass, steel, counters etc.
Detergents for rugs and carpets
Auxiliary products (alcohol, ammoniac etc.)

ASAST only uses top-quality and highly reliable machines, equipment and professional products. Together with modern work methodologies, these allow the company to offer extremely high-level services. The company focuses in particular on product certification to make sure they are compliant with current safety norms and respect European regulations, to guarantee cleaning safety everyday. Professional high-pressure water jet machines with hot and cold water, either mobile or fixed, with electric and/or spark ignition engine.

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