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Indietro PROJEKT MAGNOLIA 1 - Fachkraft für Desinfektion und für die Reinigung in privaten und  industriellen Gebäuden und Sanitätsgebäuden

Jahr: 2003

The training course was financed by the European Community, the European Social Fund, the Ministry of Labor and the Umbria Region, and carried out in collaboration with ATI, Sustenia Lavoro and Superficie 8 s.r.l.. Project Magnolia 1 is the experimentation of an integrated itinerary alternating Training, Consultancy and Measures aimed to follow and favor women’s access to work. The project expects at least 70% of the women attending the courses to be hired by the ASAST cooperative society. The aim of the training project is to fill in the gap in this region and to form a professional figure capable of performing the activities of Operator of sanitization and civil, industrial and sanitary cleaning services.

Zielsetzungen des Schulungsprojekts

Gestaltung der Schulungen


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